currently in london, tomorrow i don't know                
hi! i'm ANA MIRANDA, i was BORN and raised IN LA PALMA (CANARY ISLANDS) 
I'm not going to bore you, so I'll be clear: I've loved photography for as long as I can remember. And I always thought that I was not good enough to dedicate myself to it but...
 you know what? fuck it. fight for your dreams
At the age of 27, I graduated from the Manolo Blahnik School of Art, with one of the best grades in my class (not bad). 
 I haven't won any major awards yet. But who knows, maybe one day. 

And if you wonder where my style comes from: 
 I don't even know myself. I only know that seeing so much color fills my chest with joy and that the magic that certain shades transmit makes me feel complete inside.
and now, Remember:
we are all human, we all fail, and we can all feel like failures when we really are not. Your biggest rival is yourself.If you need to pause your life because you have lost inspiration, pause. art is within you, you will not lose it.
make art, no matter how. never allow destructive criticism to break your dreams and allow yourself to fall, that's where we learn.

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